Fast International Payments

Sending DBX to the other side of the planet is as easy as receiving an internet signal. There are no intermediary banks that may make you wait in line for your payments, security checks, no extra fees for making international transfers, no restrictions on the amount of the transfer.

Choose Your Commission

No commission is charged when receiving DBX, and many wallets allow you to customize the commission when making a transaction. The higher the commission, the higher the priority for the network to receive transactions. The commission does not depend on the transfer amount. The same commission is likely to be charged for transfers of 1 and 1,000,000 DBX.

Simple Mobile Payments

Mobile DBX Client allows you to make scan-and-pay payments. There is no need to swipe a card, dial a PIN, or sign anything. All you need to accept payment is to open the QR code in your mobile wallet and show it to a friend, so that they can scan the code with their mobile phone, or just bring the phones close to each other (if you are using NFC technology).

Security and Control over Your Money

DBX transactions are protected by top-level cryptography. No one can charge money from you or make payments on your behalf, as long as you take the necessary steps to protect your wallet. With DBX, only you are allowed to control money, due to the high level of protection against all sorts of fraud.

Works Anywhere, Anytime

As in case of an email, you don't need to use the same software or service provider as your friends. Let everyone use what they like. In this case, there will be no problem, as the whole DBX software is compatible and uses the same technology. DBX network always works, even on holidays!

Financial Transparency

Many people want to show transparency in their operations. There are also those, who want to minimize attention to their assets. Using DBX will allow you to offer the highest level of transparency, or vice versa, anonymity. Whichever image you have chosen for yourself, this is what our community will support.